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Sustainable Vintage Bedroom Furniture over Fast Furniture

sustainable furniture

Choosing to invest in antique and vintage furniture is the ultimate in recycling and the perfect way to achieve a sustainable home.

When you choose a vintage bed you help to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, protect precious resources and save energy that would otherwise be used to produce new items. Studies show that a new piece of furniture will last for approximately 15 years, whereas an antique or vintage piece is passed from owner to owner every 30 or so years. This means that the environmental impact of antique furniture is nearly six times less than that of new furniture.

antique beds sustainability
Antique Beds are the Sustainable Choice

Many people assume that antique beds are not a practical choice for modern living, are just for decoration or are not as good as an item purchased from new. We know that is definitely not the case! All of our antique beds are sold fully restored by our team of experts, built to last and the quality is of a far higher than anything mass produced in a factory. Vintage and antique beds have been handcrafted by master craftsman using high quality materials that are second to none. Antique or vintage furniture is a fantastic way to live more sustainably.

sustainable furniture

Victorian Dreams specialises in the restoration of antique beds and we have a large range of beautiful antique beds and period furniture on display in our showroom or to purchase online.

If you are looking for an antique metal bed, an antique upholstered bed, an antique wooden bed or an antique caned bed please do get in touch.



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