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Split Tension Mattress - One Side Firm, One Side Soft

Choosing a mattress as a couple often results in one or both of you making a compromise on comfort. But, we believe you should never compromise on your sleep.

What if you could both have the level of support and comfort that you need? That's where our Gertrude Jekyll split mattress comes to the rescue! It is a pocket sprung dual tension mattress that enables each of you to choose from a medium (1.47 gauge) or firm (1.6 gauge) wire depending on the level of support you require and find most comfortable.

Dual tensions can also reduce the disturbance caused when your sleeping partner moves in the night. This is because there is less chance of fidgeting due to being uncomfortable. Leading to a far better night sleep!


If you would like more guidance or advice about choosing a mattress then please get in touch via our contact form.



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