There are two main types of mattresses: pocket sprung and coil sprung. Our pocket sprung mattresses offer sumptuous comfort with individual springs which are sewn into their own pockets of fabric. This type of spring provides much more support and comfort than an open coil mattress. The springs in a pocket sprung mattress work independently of one another and respond to your every movement for a perfect night’s sleep, so giving you correct posture throughout the night. Our pocket sprung mattresses have a variety of spring counts and a selection of generous layers of quality fillings, along with air vents and carrying handles.

We also offer a good quality open coil mattress which is available in a medium, firm or extra firm feel. These springs are linked together to form one large unit and the weight is then distributed over the whole mattress. All of our mattresses come with a full 5 year warranty and our mattresses are available in a natural plain cream cover or traditional striped ticking fabric. Matching bed bases are also available.

We can make any of our mattresses to any size that you require, including the making of mattresses for the French upholstered 'corbeille' curved end bed frames.

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